Uncontested Divorce Cost

Uncontested divorces are reserved for those spouses that have or could agree as to all terms in a pending divorce process.  Try to find an attorney that will offer to represent you for a flat fee. 
Many spouses contemplating an unconested divorce are unintentionally mis-led by attorneys that quote retainers of $1,000 or less.  The general public should be well aware that retainer quotes are NOT what your uncontested case will cost you.  The quoted amount is merely an amount on deposit to cover some of your attorney's fees.  Generally, this payment is referred to as a "retainer" or "retainer deposit."  Retainers are lump sum amounts that are deposited with an attorney.  Your lawyer will then work on your case and deduct his or her hourly rate from that deposit.  When the deposit is depleted, you owe more money.
Almost always, you will owe additional amounts at the end of your uncontested case.  Most uncontested cases costs approximately $3,000 to $15,000 plus court costs.  This large range of fees is usually always attributable to spouses being unable to agree on material terms of their divorce settlement.
Largely, the divorce system is broken only because of the issues and disputes resulting from the large amount of attorneys' fees attributed to a case.  Many attempts to curb the fee issues in a case have failed, where the current divorce arena awards lawyers to be overly (and needlessly agressive) and some lawyers cheer on their clients when they want to litigate. Both of these practices are a bad idea.  If you feel that your lawyer is needlessly driving litigation - its time to change lawyers.
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