Client Choice Award


I am honored to receive and accept AVVO's Clients' Choice Award.  I always strive to provide advice to my clients much in the same way that I would advise a family member.  Only then can an attorney truly provide advice and suggest action that is measured, well thought out, with no consideration for the fees that could be associated with the work.  My clients have seen this type of representation in action, and have gained considerably by taking that advice.  

The divorce process is not perfect, but the lawyers and the courts try their best to resolve issues.  To better the process and ease the discomfort for spouses, lawyers have the obligation to inform their clients, keep their best interests in the forefront, and try to keep litigation minimal.  Outcome is important, but less important when the cost of litigation overwhelms the entire process.  There could be no end to many cases and the litigation that could result, and the horrible amount of fees that goes with it.  Lawyers are supposed to be the gate-keepers to move cases to settlement in a cost efficient manner.

All too often lawyers allow the emotions of a case to control and dictate the style and manner of the court process. The result is you litigation that is uncontrolled and expensive (which, unfortunately, the lawyer knows).  Spouses and parents are better served by a lawyer that can better manage a case, and one that has the ability to prevent emotions from ruining a family's finances.  Find the wrong lawyer, and many spouses indicate that their case was "out of control" or they didn't understand what was taking so long or costing so much.  This result usually has a lawyer to blame in the background. 

Everyone wants their divorce to be quick, inexpensive, and without much turmoil.  My manner of representation does that, and I hope you'll be as pleased with my services, as my previous clientele.  

If you are seeking information, or are in the midst of your divorce, always retain an attorney that wants what you want:  controlled litigation.  Do not be tempted by the desires and wants of lawyers that seek out litigation and the billing that goes with it.  Tact doesn't cost money, and a good divorce or custody lawyer knows how to deploy tact at every turn.  You can roll out the battle-tanks, and spend a lot of money for the same outcome that other attorneys can achieve with minimal effort.  The choice is always in the client's hands, but your lawyer needs to keep you advised to make good economical decisions.  

Again, thank you for the award!  My clients and their outcome is a measure of what I do, and how I do it.

- Paul D. Nordini  


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