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Paul D. Nordini

Rated "Excellent" Divorce Layer by AVVO, Mr. Nordini is the managing partner of Nordini & Thompson.  He practices exclusively in Matrimonial and Custody Law.

He proudly served with the United State Marine Corps during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the early 1990's.  He is a graduate of DePaul University Law School, Chicago, and has authored hundreds of articles touching on divorce and custody related topics.

Mr. Nordini is married, has two children, and a yellow-lab Cooper.  He enjoys traveling and recently has become involved in triathlon racing. Recently, Mr. Nordini completed the Chicago Triathlon (international distance) in August 2012.  Mr. Nordini is an avid hiker and mountain climber, recently having climbed both Black Mountain and Pinnicle Peak in Arizona.

Mr. Nordini has written material for review in the United States Supreme Court involving custody issues.  He has been published numerous times within the Bar Brief Law Review with his articles touching on emancipation events of minor children in divorce proceedings and on U.S. Constitutional safeguards in custody litigation.

Recent results achieved by Paul D. Nordini:

In re the Marriage of K. - Mr. Nordini accepted a custody and removal case just weeks to trial.  Trial was conducted where a Custody Evaluator and GAL was against his client for custody.  Mr. Nordini was able to achieve custody for his client.  This case was then published within Illinois Divorce Digest.


USMDS v ACB - Mr. Nordini's appeal was granted when the 3rd District Appellate Court reversed the trial court.  Mr. Nordini contested service of summons on a foreclosure arguing that service was improper on a corporate owner.  This case was then published in recorded opinions for Illinois. 


In re the Marriage of L. - Mr. Nordini appealed a trial court's ruling on the setting of alimony.  The appellate court agreed with Mr. Nordini's argument that statutory factors must be applied in every case.  Mr. Nordini's client's support amount was significantly adjusted.  This case was published as a Rule 23 Court Order. 


In re the Marriage of P. - Mr. Nordini took to trail a divorce case where the husband refused to pay alimony.  Initial pre-trials had resulted in a recommendation of no maintenance.  After trial, Mr. Nordini secured alimony for his client.  This case was later published in Illinois Divorce Digest.


In re the Matter of J v D. - Mr. Nordini accepteed the case three weeks to trial, and when the GAL was firming opposed to his client on custody and residency noting that client had signifigant psychologial impairment.  Mr. Nordini was able to convince the GAL to swtich the recommendation in favor of keeping residency with his client, and negotiated a settlement retaining the child with his client and keeping the child in client's school district.



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Nordini & Thompson exclusively practice in divorce and custody matters.