Initial Consultation  The initial consultation is a wonderful tool to meet potential attorneys.  All spouses entering a divorce process should know that the consultation is for the benefit of lawyer and the potential client.  One of the most common misconceptions that spouses have about the divorce process, is that they will be required to meet with their attorney often throughout the case.  That couldn't be more far from the truth.  The reality is that you will likely meet your lawyer face-to-face once or twice.  (if the case is handled correctly).  There have been plenty of examples of when the first time that I actually meet a client is on the day we finalize their case in court.  
Do not waste your time with driving to a lawyer's office, lengthy interviews, and all to realize that your lawyer will not see you again until the end of your case. I provide a no cost, no appointment, immediate access to me phone conference. These initial phone calls are important tools to immediately determine key points of your case, discuss likely outcomes, and I can quote an initial retainer based on my knowledge of handling similar cases. Simply call the number on this website, and you'll be talking to me!  No traps, no support staff screening my calls, no pushy retainers put in front of you to sign.  Just you and me on a call to work through the issues of your case.
If you opt to meet with a lawyer, I offer that service too.  Just give me a call, and we can schedule a face-to-face meeting.
If you are interviewing lawyers (which you should), these are things to remember when meeting with a lawyer:
*Do not have the false impression that if you say the wrong things, the lawyer will not accept your case.  Your lawyer needs to know everything about the case (good and bad!).  The lawyer can then place down the best strategy to achieve your goals.
*Alway try to hire a lawyer that practices exclusively in divorce law.  Because of our current economy, many attorneys that never handled divorce work, are taking a try at it.  You shouldn't be the lab-rat for a lawyer that used to do real estate closings, and now wants to be a custody litigator.
*Never hire a lawyer that will then have a new law-grad handle your case.  Make sure that the all the lawyers at the office are experienced and well versed in divorce or custody cases.
*You should be asking the right questions to see whether or not a particular lawyer is right for you.  Ask if the lawyer limits his practice to divorce and custody disputes, talk about personal issues, and see if the lawyer is a lot like you.  You should get a good feeling about your lawyer.
*Make certain that your lawyer cares about you and your children.  Lawyers that are disinterested in your children or your welfare (after the case is over) is usually calloused to the system and will likely not be as vested as someone that cares.
*Only a hire a lawyer that can actually give you an estimate as to how your case will end.  Good experienced divorce lawyers can give you a fairly accurate snapshot of how your case will end.  Those that have little experience in divorce only talk in generalities.  Be mindful that an older lawyer may not be a well experienced lawyer in divorce (that lawyer may have been doing DUI work for years before giving divorce law a try).  
*Do not hire a lawyer that makes promises (as to support amounts or custody).  These lawyers generally need new business.  By law, no lawyer can (or should) guarantee the outcome.  They can tell you where they think the case will go, but to promise a result is usually not a good idea and doesn't serve the client.  
*Try to avoid a lawyer that appears to be "aggressive."  While you may think this is the type of lawyer that will do a good job in divorce, this is a very common misconception.  Good divorce lawyers are aggressive in the way that they handle the legal issues in your case.  DO NOT confuse this with a lawyer that has an abrasive personality.  One does not equal the other.  An attorney with an abrasive personality will cost you and your case (because your lawyer will fight with the Judge - not a good idea), and will cost you more in fees (because he or she will fight with your spouse's attorney).
*select a lawyer that is "likeable."  Seems odd, but a good divorce lawyer is one that the Judges and other attorneys like and get along with; these types generally get the job done with minimal impact on your bank account.  Remember,the goal is to get what you want, while spending the least.   
Be mindful that our goal at the initial meeting is to ensure that you know about the law and the process before investing your time and money in the court system. The initial consultation is a no pressure visit and you will be given some introductory advice pertaining to your circumstances.
Additionally, you will obtain information regarding possible outcomes, have your expectations set, learn about your rights and obligations.  A time limit is not placed on the initial consultation.  Generally, most initial consultations last approximately 1 hour.
If you have additional questions about the initial consultation,
please email Paul Nordini at:
or call for your appointment at (480) 527-9000