Fee Schedule

BE CAREFUL.  Most lawyers set fees and retainers after you meet with them.  Most lawyers would rather get you into their office, and find out a little more about your finances prior to setting a retainer requirement.  Remember, it is no cooncidence that a retainer is set on an amount that the lawyer knows you have.
DO NOT allow a lawyer to pressure you into signing a retainer agreement without considering all the issues and the fees that you will be asked to pay.  Most divorce and custody lawyers know that your stress level is very high, you are not thinking carefully, and you will likely sign whatever they place before you.
DO HIRE a lawyer that is fee sensative, understands families and their financial needs and hardships, and that truly cares about you and YOUR financial outcome. 
At my office, retainer deposits usually follow these guidelines:
  • Retainer deposits are required, they are set low for your convenience, sometimes as low as $500.
  • Hourly rates are fixed, but "true billing" is applied; this means no minimums for court appearances and phone calls.  You will be billed for the true time spent on you case.
  • We do not bill clients for costs (photocopies, faxing documents, or postage).
  • We are concerned about your case and your fees.  It makes no sense to help a client with their divorce and force them into bankruptcy at the same time.
  • 43% of my clients had previously hired another lawyer and feel that they were over-charged by their previous attorney.  They fired that previous lawyer and then hired me.  My office was built on being fee sensative and keeping fees low and reasonable.

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