About our office

An open letter from Paul D. Nordini:

My office was established to represent complex litigation on family law issues.  I am very well recognized as a divorce and custody lawyer, and have successfully represented numerous clients within Arizona and other States.  Focusing my representation on only family law matters has sharply tailored my knowledge on how to best represent a spouse and parent in the divorce process.  Other attorneys in the area consult with me, asking about family law application.  Attorneys have routinely used my articles to persuade Judges and other attorneys of various positions on divorce issues.

On countless occasions I have advocated successfully and obtained desired results for my clients.  While I prefer that spouses settle cases, I am understanding that sometimes this is not possible.  I have no issue with litigating for my clients, when litigation is necessary.  I have continuously achieved great results for the benefit of my clientele and their families.  I am very protective of children, and fully understand that these little people are the most precious asset that a parent can have.

While all too often people stumble through the yellow pages in seeking out an attorney, I pride myself in having a referral practice and I dedicate a substantial amount of time to the education of the public and local attorneys of developments in divorce and custody law.

Most spouses should be mindful that I do not accept all cases that walk in the door (like most other lawyers).  I meet and talk with hundreds of spouses per month, and I carefully select those spouses that truly need my help.  Before accepting any case, a determination must be made that our relationship will be in your best interest.  Within our initial consultation, this determination will be made.

My office is only open Monday through Friday by appointment only.

I strive to offer a established and discerning clientele a level of representation that is beyond approach and a degree of attentiveness that is unsurpassed.  My clients enjoy the privileges and comforts of knowing that their legal rights and children are protected continuously and without end.

My promises to you as your attorney are as follows:

*I will care about you and your children during the process,

*I will care about the results of your case, because this will affect you long into the future,

*I will not let my guard down in your case,

*I will advocate for you in a professional way,

*I will deploy surgical precision tactics, when necessary, as opposed to running the bill on needless legal work,

*I will argue with you, when your emotions are getting in the way of a good result.  Many lawyers will not do this, and simply allow the client's emotions run the case into the ground,

*I believe that all people are good, but some are pure evil.  If you spouse is evil, I will fight like a dog to protect you and your children, and

*I will be fair with my billing on your case.  You will never have an issue with my charges. 


If you would like to schedule a confidential meeting, please call: 
Phone: (480) 527-9000
Or email me at:  paul.nordini@divorceinfosite.com